MailClark is out of beta

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Today, Thursday October 27th, is the big day! MailClark out of beta means two things: the launch of our pricing, and the release of long-awaited new features. 


We’ve been discussing MailClark’s pricing with many of our users for the past three months. We wanted to find a fair pricing for the small teams who only send a few emails a day, the bigger ones with several team inboxes in Slack, and for us, MailClark, a 6-person-strong startup. We decided to charge per MailClark email address, starting at only $1 a month. Discover our pricing. You can also use MailClark for free: the first email address is on us :)

Your account settings

One of the most requested features was undoubtedly the possibility to add a signature—so we did it! You are now able to personalize your individual signature and sender name. To do so, type settings in a Direct Message to MailClark and hit ‘Go to your Account Settings’.

We also thought you’d be happy to have some formatting options for your signature: bold, italics, images, links, etc.

If you are a team’s admin, you can also set your team’s default sender name and signature (each user will still be able to personalize his own). It’s really useful to make sure everybody uses the right logo!

Manual or Auto send? It’s up to you!

Until today, the sending method was automatically defined by MailClark: Auto send for email groups and manual send for inboxes (i.e. the ‘Send email’ button).

However, sometimes you needed a preview before sending a message to your group or, conversely, you wanted more automation in your inboxes.

That’s why we’re now giving you the choice. In either an inbox or an email group, just type @mailclark settings directly in the channel and hit the ‘Pause/Start auto-send’ button.