Review & answer job applications as a team in Slack

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All messages sent to a email address can be forwarded to a shared Slack channel, where your team can all read applications and comment on them, then create separate channels or threads for individual correspondences.


Set up MailClark in your #jobs channel

  • Read our quick start guide to learn how to invite MailClark to a channel and begin sending and receiving email.

Recruitment in Slack with MailClark

  • Slack is already a great place for your Human Ressources team. Read Slack’s Department Playbook for HR to find out more.
  • With MailClark, you can also collaborate on job applications and divide up emails.
  • If a team member has already replied to an applicant, MailClark lets you know the email has been taken care of.
  • Mention team members whenever you need help to answer an email. MailClark lets you write messages to each other in conversation channels.
Replying to emails in Slack

Pro tips

  • If you find you’re creating too many channels by replying to so many emails, you can change your view settings to only see the important ones. Follow Slack’s guide on organizing your channels.

    Extra tip: press ⌘+K on Mac—Ctrl+K on Windows/Linux to navigate between your channels.

  • To more directly reduce your number of channels (instead of simply hiding them) you can use the @mailclark archive command to archive all channels which have not been used in the past 7 days.

    If you want to customize the number of days, simply type it at the end of the command—e.g. @mailclark archive 30 will archive all channels which have been inactive for the past 30 days.

  • Reaction emojis or “reacjis” can also be useful for tagging or classifying certain types of messages (reacjis are searchable).
Organizing Slack channels

Click your team name in the top-left corner → Preferences → Advanced Options