Connect Slack to Email—and more—in 5 steps


Add MailClark to your Slack workspace



Connect your preferred service

Once MailClark added to your Slack workspace, you’ll be asked which service you’d like to connect. Click the service of your choice and let MailClark guide you through the (quick) setup process.

Connect external communications to Slack

Send a test message to Slack

Send an email, a tweet or a Facebook message to the account you’ve just connected. MailClark will post it in Slack.

Send a test email to Slack

Press ‘Reply’

Back in Slack, press the ‘Reply’ button attached to your test email. MailClark will set up a Slack thread for you.

If you're already familiar with Slack threads, no need to press ‘Reply’. Use Slack's ‘Start a thread’ button and type your reply directly.

MailClark reply button

Compose & send your reply

In the thread, type a reply to yourself and press Enter. MailClark will automatically come up with a preview of your reply.

Press ‘Send’ when you’re ready to send out the message.

Send an email from Slack


You’re now ready to manage your external accounts in Slack!

  • To connect more services or to change the settings (e.g. set up a signature), go to and click the ‘Sign in’ button in the top-right corner.
  • Check out MailClark’s Help Center and our blog to learn how to make the most of our bot.