Bring your good ol’ Google Group to Slack

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Instead of dealing with the bulkiness of group emails, you can transition your group into Slack. You’ll be able to send and receive emails in Slack as easily as messages, so you can transition slowly, with some members in Slack and some sticking with email.


Add MailClark to your Slack team



Create an inbox in your preferred channel

MailClark sends you a welcome Direct Message. Use the menu to choose the channel where to create an inbox.

Alternatively, you can directly invite MailClark to the channel.

Create an inbox in Slack

Update your Google Group’s members

In the channel, press the ‘Email’ button—MailClark automatically creates an email for your channel in the format

Go to Google Groups and add this address as a member.

Update your Google Group’s members

Switch to the ‘Email group’ option

Go back to Slack, type @mailclark settings and click the ‘edit settings’ link to open the Settings window in your browser. Then, click ‘Show options’ and turn ‘Email group’ on.

Switch to the ‘Email group’ option

Add your Google Group as email member

Still in the Settings window, type your Google Group address (e.g. in the ‘Email members’ field. Save the settings.

Add your Google Group as email member

Send a first message & start auto send

Back in the channel, type the first message of your hybrid Slack + email group. After a few seconds to see if you’re done typing, MailClark will give you a preview of your email—hit ‘Send email’.

MailClark will then ask you whether to start the auto send. Start it!

Start the automatic sending


Now any emails sent to the Google Group will appear in your Slack channel, and you can email members directly from Slack.

  • You can edit the settings—pause automatic sending, modify recipients—by typing @mailclark settings in the channel itself or in a Direct Message to MailClark.