Slack Twitter integration

Reply to mentions & Direct Messages directly from Slack

Your customers mention you, your team replies in Slack Your customers mention you, your team replies in Slack

Twitter + email: everything’s in Slack

Thousands of teams also use MailClark to send emails to & from Slack. Bring all your external communications to Slack and reply faster to your customers. One channel for both Twitter & email, or separate inboxes for each: you decide, MailClark is a flexible bot!

support team on Slack
antoine 10:31 AM
@johndoe Our support team is always happy to help!
Twitter for Slack by MailClark
mailclark BOT 10:31 AM
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Twitter for Slack makes support easier

Support teams want to be able to answer tweets, DMs & emails directly from Slack, the space where they collaborate. With the addition of this new Twitter integration, MailClark truly becomes your team’s bot for external communications. That's one less app to use, and more time gained for your team!

Can I use MailClark for free?

Yes, you can use MailClark for free, no credit card required. You can connect as many services as you want (Twitter, Email, Facebook, …) but the free plan is limited to 100 messages per month—check out the pricing for the details.

Connect Twitter to Slack in just a few easy steps

It doesn’t take more than 3 steps to set-up MailClark in Slack.

Add MailClark to Slack, connect your Twitter account and choose your preferred Slack channel.