Meet MailClark’s team

Who we are

MailClark is a service of Clubble. A spin-off from the Novius agency, Clubble was founded in december 2014 by—from left to right in the photo below—Antoine Lefeuvre, Julian Espérat, Anthony Bleton-Martin & Gilles Félix. The startup is located in Lyon, France and in San Francisco.

After a first service of mailing lists 2.0, Clubble pivoted and designed MailClark, the email bot for Slack. A first version was launched under the brand in September 2015. MailClark was officially launched in March 2016.

Clubble has received funding from the IT-Translation fund—a co-founder and long-term partner of the startup—and Bpifrance.

MailClark’s team

We’re here to help

Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 9am to 6pm, Lyon time.

  • Email: Email us
  • Slack: add MailClark to your team and send him a Direct Message.
  • Twitter: send us a tweet @MailClarkAI or a Direct Message (DMs open to anyone).
  • MailClark San Francisco: 2415 Third Street, Suite 231, San Francisco, CA 94107 - USA
  • MailClark Lyon: Clubble SA - La Tour du Web, 4 rue du Professeur C. Appleton, 69007 Lyon - France