Welcome to the Mustache Team!

Let’s introduce you to these extraordinary people who work at MailClark.
MailClark’s team

Anthony Bleton-Martin

Old startupper,
quantum physicist… once!
My hobby: I invented a new language for Europe

Anthony Bleton Martin, CEO, MailClark

Antoine Lefeuvre
Product Manager

I swapped my backpack for a cargo bike.

Antoine Lefeuvre, Product Manager, MailClark

Emmanuelle Sera
Marketing Director

I love goat cheese (I know it’s so French!)

Emmanuelle Sera, Marketing Director, MailClark

Gilles Felix

Do you think I'm funny?

Gilles Felix, Engineer, MailClark

Alban Derrien
Senior Machine Learning Scientist

My code has no bugs.
It just develops random features.

Alban Derrien, Senior Machine Learning Scientist, MailClark

Julian Espérat

I keep Galaxy fishes happy and healthy.

Julian Espérat, Engineer, MailClark

Aga Marchewka
Customer Success Manager

I have 10 berets in my wardrobe! And I am the only one who is wearing them in France!

Aga Marchewka, Customer Success Manager, MailClark

Wall of trainees.
Some have their wall of fame, we have our wall of trainees!

Cécile Gitkoff
Content Marketing

I like reading, writing, and the Oxford comma

Cécile Gitkoff, Content Marketing, MailClark

Luis Ventura
Machine Learning Scientist

In data (and pizza) I trust!

Luis Ventura, Machine Learning Scientist, MailClark

Lauriane Chauvet

Mismatched socks, it's more fun!!

Lauriane Chauvet, Engineer, MailClark

Gabriel Bonnaud
Video Content Marketing

I would like to get some sort of blue box

Gabriel Bonnaud, Video Content Marketing, MailClark

Romain Coquery

I’m Romain, I come in peace.

Romain Coquery, Engineer, MailClark

A quick background about MailClark

MailClark was born from Clubble, a spin-off from the Novius agency.
Clubble was founded in december 2014 by Anthony Bleton-Martin, Antoine Lefeuvre, Julian Espérat & Gilles Félix. The startup is located in Lyon, France.

After a first service of mailing lists 2.0, Clubble pivoted to launch the Slack email integration Clubble.io in September 2015. The bot MailClark—successor to Clubble.io—was officially released in March 2016. A year later, MailClark for Microsoft Teams was launched on stage at The Art of Teams event.

Clubble has received funding from the IT-Translation, Kreaxi and Bpifrance.

Some contacts to write us

Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 9am to 6pm CET.

  • Email: support@mailclark.ai
  • Chat: send a Private Message to MailClark in Slack or MS Teams.
  • Twitter: send us a tweet @MailClarkAI or a Direct Message (DMs open to anyone).
  • Clubble SA - Weréso, 18-20 Rue Tronchet, 69006 Lyon - France