Gmail app for Slack

Manage your Emails, Team Inboxes and Google Groups entirely from Slack

Real email app within Slack

Send emails, receive and reply, mark as read, forward, delete, mark as spam, synchronize your Gmail signature, … To make it simple: fully manage your Gmail accounts without ever leaving Slack.

Real email app within Slack

Full Sync between Gmail and Slack

Read an email in Slack, it will be marked as read in Gmail as well. Reply to an email from Gmail, the reply will also appear in Slack. You’ve set up a signature in Gmail? It will be used in the emails you send from Slack. No matter where and what you do, MailClark synchronizes your emails, actions and data across your apps.

Full Sync between Gmail and Slack

Customized workflows

Connect your personal email account in a private channel, filter emails based on the aliases you’ve added to your Gmail account, set up your account to receive only important emails in a channel, … You decide which messages belong to Slack and manage them the way that fits your needs best.

Customized workflows between Gmail and Slack

All your email accounts in Slack: Gmail, G Suite & Google Groups

Stop switching between apps! From your private Gmail account to Team inboxes and Google Groups, centralize your communication within one single place: Slack.

With MailClark, improve your productivity, help your team collaborate more to answer faster and more accurately to your customers.

Gmail, G Suite & Google Groups to Slack

Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, centralize your communications

When it comes to find a message, we waste our time trying to remember where it was sent and looking through different platforms: Slack, several emails accounts, Facebook or maybe Twitter? Thanks to MailClark, the only place you need to check is Slack. That’s it.

Centralize your communications in Slack

Can I use MailClark for free?

Yes, you can use MailClark for free, no credit card required. You can connect as many services as you want (Facebook, Email, Twitter, …) but the free plan is limited to 100 messages per month—check out our pricing for the details.