Slack Facebook integration

Reply to Facebook messages directly from Slack

Slack Facebook integration by MailClark Slack Facebook integration by MailClark

Connect your Facebook page to Slack

MailClark’s integration for Facebook allows you to receive messages sent to your Facebook page in Slack, and to answer them directly from a channel. Just like emails or tweets, you can handle Facebook messages without ever leaving Slack.

A Slack integration for Facebook, Twitter & Email

“The majority of messages sent to businesses go completely unanswered”—Matt Schlich

Between Facebook, emails & Twitter, your customers have many ways to contact you. To never miss any message, connect your emails & your social media accounts to Slack, where your team works.

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Slack Facebook integration by MailClark
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Can I use MailClark for free?

Yes, you can use MailClark for free with emails, Facebook & Twitter ! No credit card required, your first inbox is free. However, it has some limitations—check out the pricing for all the details.

Integrate Facebook with Slack in a few easy steps

To connect one or several Facebook Pages to your Slack team, add MailClark to Slack, invite him to your preferred channel and click the ‘Facebook’ button.

For more details, take a look at our quick start guide.