Combine Slack with Email Groups/Google Groups
and collaborate easily with your team

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Spreading information to your whole team in one click;
Having a private conversation between several people;
Setting up a customer facing email address for your support team…
You have so many reasons to use email groups, both in your personal and work life.

But with the raise of Slack, some of your colleagues are more and more likely to use the collaborative platform instead of a good old email group.
How to slowly move to Slack, without changing the habits of those who feel comfortable with their email groups?

There is a lot of different possibilities when it comes to email groups. Before connecting yours to Slack, check out the following infographic to find out your use case.

How to connect an email group to Slack

Create a new Email Group in Slack

We have an integration dedicated:

  • Click on the “Email group” button and follow the instructions. MailClark will create a new email address dedicated to your email group and linked to a Slack channel.
  • Add the email members and you’re ready to collaborate with your teammates, no matter if they use Slack or email.

Connect an existing Google Group to Slack
(with an address in the form of ““)

Once again, you just need to select the dedicated integration to connect your Google Groups to Slack in just a few clicks.

Connect an existing Google Group using a custom domain

We offer different ways to set up your Google Group in Slack depending on how you use it.

If you use it as an internal diffusion list (i.e, create an email group in Slack with your Google Group as an Email member.

Once you’ve created the email address related to Slack, don’t forget to add it as an email member in your Google Group.

If you use it as a customer facing address (i.e, you can use the Gmail integration to connect your Gmail account. Then, use the filters option to only receive emails from this alias.

Finally, if you just need to be notified in Slack when there is a new email sent to the group, simply create a email address and add this address as a member of your Google Group.

If you have a different use of Email Groups, feel free to reach our support team, we’d be happy to think about a way to set it up according to your needs.