MailClark Gmail Integration

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A fundamental element to staying productive and organized is properly prioritizing your work. Start by making all of your work searchable and actionable in one place – including merging emails and Slack posts all inside Slack.

We make it easy to sync your Gmail account with two-way syncing, a feature that will improve email communication inside Slack.

Some Slack apps allow emails to be sent directly from Slack. But the email features that Slack users wants usually comes at the price of awkward compromises:

  • Email recipients get emails from robotic email addresses like
  • The bot often starts a new thread for each email
  • The email actually looks like it comes from a bot, instead of a human

With MailClark’s Gmail integration, we can get the best of both worlds – team visibility and collaboration in dedicated Slack channels, and the search, storage, and organizational features in Gmail.

In practical terms, this means that the emails you send in MailClark will come from your work email address ( and appear to your recipient like you sent it from Gmail. The email appears in your Gmail ‘Sent’ folder, as well as in Slack.

Collaborating with customers, external teams, or other business groups that may not use Slack usually involves many people in your team, and it can be hard to keep track of “who said what to whom.” External collaborators can get the same information twice, or nothing at all. Team members forget to tell non-Slack teammates about bug fixes. A marketer sends the same email twice to a journalist.

When you have a complete record of everyone’s emails with external partners, these mistakes becomes rare, and you and your team will quite literally be on the same page.

How Gmail sync works

Step 1: Type help in a DM with MailClark and click “Connect services”

Step 2: You’ll be redirected to your browser: Click the “Gmail/G Suite” button.

Step 3: Choose the Gmail account you want to connect, enter your password and you’re done!

Once you have your email account set up, you can try to send a new email to see how it works!