Simpler payment option for European customers

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Photo by Fabian Blank on Unsplash

Direct debit is now available for MailClark customers in Europe! Say good-bye to payment headaches and asking for permission to use the company credit card.

Moreover, SEPA direct debit payments can be used to pay in euros for European accounts. All you need to is your IBAN.

Pay for MailClark using direct debit

1/ Type « settings » in a DM with MailClark to access billing details or upgrade to a paid plan by typing.

If you’re upgrading to a paid plan, click « subscribe to a paid account ». Otherwise, click on the link to see more billing details.

Subscribe to a paid account

2/ If this is your first time going to a paid plan, you’ll be redirected to your browser where you can choose the plan that fits the best your needs.

Before choosing it, be sure to select « Euro » on the top left corner.

Select 'Euro' on the top left corner

3/ You’ll be asked to choose your payment method, select « Direct Debit » and then click the « Set up Direct Debit » button.

4/ Complete the payment form with your information, including the IBAN number. Then click the « Set up Direct Debit » button.

5/ You’ll have a chance to check the information before the last confirmation.

GoCardLess confirmation

The payment will come from GoCardLess, the secure service we’re using for direct debit payment transactions.

Seems good? Confirm one last time and that’s it. You’re all set up!

Wait… Is it safe?

It sure is! Our trusted direct debit payment partner, GoCardLess, uses military grade encryption to keep you safe.

For more information about their security policy =>

I don’t have an European account. Can I use this method?

Not yet. But if the payment by credit card doesn’t suit you, contact our customer success team via Slack. We’re happy to find a way that works for you and your team.