What’s New in MailClark: Changelog and a User-Friendlier Help Center

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While MailClark was quietly sorting and delivering your email into Slack and Microsoft Teams, our team launched a Slack threads integration, attended Web Summit in Lisbon, and now launched new features to make it easier to get the most out of MailClark.

Get handy user guides and faster search in MailClark’s Help Center

MailClark Help Center

Our goal was simple: deliver an easy-to-follow, friendly way for MailClark customers to get the help they need, without a lot of fuss and boredom.

The new Help Center has more robust, step-by-step guides than before. Giving you and your team the chance to use MailClark in even more ways – including how to use MailClark to streamline hiring or creating a team inbox for sales and marketing.

Here are a few of our most read articles:

You get all of this with instant search, so the moment you start typing out your question, you’ll see answers and suggested guides appear immediately on your screen. (Want to get this for your company? We’re proud to have the MailClark Help Center hosted by HelpDocs. They’re also the guys that are making it possible for our next feature rollout – bringing the MailClark Help Center to Slack!)

Changelog updates to track new features and MailClark improvements

MailClark Changelog updates

You asked and we listened. (In fact, did you know there’s a dedicated Slack sub-channel for all of our MailClark customers?)

We made it easier to edit subject lines and recipients in emails sent from Slack, you can adjust the delay period for “unnoticed messages” alerts, and we built a feature for mandatory sign-in for email preview pages (just send a Direct Message to MailClark in Slack if you want this turned on).

The new changelog view also helps you stay on top of updates from the MailClark team as we roll out direct sync with Gmail, more billing integrations, and a few more updates that you’ll see in MailClark changelog soon. And you can find all this when you to the the MailClark Help Center and click on “changelog” in the upper right corner.

That’s all for now. See you in Slack!