MailClark is now available for Microsoft Teams

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Today we’re launching MailClark for Microsoft Teams, the new chat-based workspace in Office 365. Our engineers have worked closely with Microsoft to launch a fully integrated bot and we’re proud to be among the first apps available in Teams.

Thanks to MailClark, Microsoft Teams users are now able to send & receive emails, Twitter and Facebook messages directly from their channels.

To try MailClark for Microsoft Teams, just hit the following button and let MailClark guide you:

Get started in a few clicks

Once added to a team, MailClark will show you how to create inboxes directly in your channels. Connect Email, Twitter & Facebook to collaborate on external communications with your teammates.

MailClark for Microsoft Teams

Unify all your communications in one place

There is so much your team can do with MailClark:

  • Host the help desk of your Customer Support team,
  • Receive alerts, mentions & notifications,
  • Create a team inbox for Sales or Human Resources,…
  • And more!

Email in Microsoft Teams

Reply to your emails & messages directly from Teams

As you can now receive all your messages in Microsoft Teams, MailClark gives you the ability to answer without leaving the channel, hence keeping the context of your team chats.

To reply, just end your message with @mailclark. MailClark only sends out a message when he’s mentioned, so you can have internal conversations with your teammates.

Reply in Microsoft Teams

Since MailClark for Microsoft Teams is still in beta, you’re more than welcome to share your feedback: it will help us improve our bot. And of course we won’t make you leave Teams to contact us: simply send a private Chat message to MailClark to reach our support team. See you there!