Connect Facebook to Slack

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Have you ever tried to contact a company through its Facebook page and never received an answer? Or as a company, do you often keep customers waiting just because you read their messages too late? With Facebook for Slack by MailClark, this will no longer happen!

After the launch of Twitter for Slack earlier this year, our unstoppable team has worked on a Facebook integration to allow MailClark users to do more with one powerful bot.

Discover Facebook for Slack on Product Hunt including screenshots & more details.

Integrate Facebook to Slack

If you belong to one of the 6500+ teams who already use MailClark to answer emails & tweets in Slack, you can now do the same with the messages customers send to your Facebook page(s).

You can either decide to create a new inbox dedicated to Facebook messages or use an existing inbox.

New inbox

  1. Invite MailClark to a channel
  2. Click the ‘Facebook’ button

Existing inbox

  1. Type ‘@mailclark settings’ in the channel
  2. Click the ‘Connect a Facebook page’ link

If you are a new user:

To setup MailClark for Slack, you just need to follow theses 3 easy steps:

  1. Add MailClark to your team
  2. Invite him to a channel
  3. Click the ‘Facebook’ button

Do you manage several Facebook Pages?

No problem, you can connect them all!

All your Facebook pages, all your Twitter accounts, all your team inboxes unified in one place: Slack.