MailClark better than ever thanks to Slack Message Menus

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Slack just announced the release of a new feature which will facilitate the entire users’ workflow: Message Menus. We’ve got the chance to discover this feature before its official release so that our engineers spent the last weeks working to build an integration for Message Menus and… Tadaaa! Here is the new version of MailClark!

Thanks to Message Menus, workflows will be greatly facilitated for MailClark’s users: in just a few clicks they answer emails, tweets and Facebook messages without ever leaving the comfort of their Slack team.

Let’s have a deeper look into the improvements Message Menus bring to MailClark.

Easier on-boarding

Once added to a team, the bot uses Message Menus to guide users through the process of creating unified inboxes in Slack channels.

More than ever, MailClark is as easy as clicking buttons.

Create an inbox in Slack

The Help Center at your fingertips

Our engineers have also used Message Menus to design a unique In-App Help Center where users can search FAQs or ask for support if a human help is needed.

In-App Help Center

A user-friendly setting process

Let’s be honest, no one likes to go through the setup process. But since we don’t really have the choice, we’ve used Message Menus to make configuration in Slack more intuitive, with less command.

An email in Slack At MailClark, we are already huge fans of Message Menus! We do believe they will make your work life simpler and we hope you’ll appreciate them as much as we do. Add MailClark to your team and let Message Menus guide you.