MailClark for Slack, now better than ever

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We’ve heard your requests for simplicity and are happy to announce some major updates to MailClark. You no longer have to choose between modes, all channels by default will be in an updated version of the former Front Mode, which we believe captures the best of all three old modes.

Business as usual

Don’t worry your existing channels haven’t changed and you can still create email groups with MailClark—a much-loved feature. If you really liked the former Simple mode (which used to be the default mode)—again no problems—you’ll find it in the advanced options. But you should really give the new default option a try, MailClark is now much easier to use.

Sending emails as easy as clicking buttons

Now, if you want to reply to an email, there is a ‘Reply’ button which creates a conversation channel dedicated to that email address. If you want to send an email, but you aren’t sure if you have a channel for that address, use the new email command. Just type @mailclark and our bot will tell you where they are, or how to add them to a channel.

In one of these dedicated channels, when you ever a message MailClark will ask you if you’re ready to send it out. If you want to edit it or add another line, click the ‘I’m not done yet’ button, or, if you’re done, click the ‘Send email’ button.

Less commands, better commands

In addition to the new email command, we decided to keep and improve two helpful commands. We recommend you use them in a Direct Message to MailClark instead of your channel(s) so the messages don’t bother the other members.

  • @mailclark settings gives you your email address and a link to allow you to change that address or other channel settings.
  • @mailclark help, which has all new content, helps you resolve any questions.

Your Help Center

We hope you enjoy the newly improved MailClark, if you have any questions check out the equally newly improved Help Center or, as always, send a Direct Message to MailClark to ask our support team.