Custom email addresses now available

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You’re hard at work, typing furiously, coffee dripping down your chin, so busy you have to schedule your blinks; the last thing you want to do is switch between the convenience of Slack and the bulkiness of email as you communicate with team members and clients. Luckily, you’re well-connected into the tech world—seeking out every app, bot and integration that can improve your efficiency—and have installed MailClark.

Life is simpler now. * Ahhhh *

We at MailClark want to make your work more enjoyable, so we make sure to listen to the feedback we receive from our users. The most persistent complaint proved to be that you want to be able to send emails from your company’s own address instead of the one MailClark automatically creates. We had a team meeting and declared, “we can fix that!”

Your emails, your address

After designing and developing, we are happily deploying our newest feature. You can now change your channel’s email address to match your company’s, further solidifying your bridge between Slack and email.



Invite, Click, Customize!

Using this feature is simple, invite MailClark to a channel and click the “Change this address” link. From here you can customize the name of your email address, as well as the domain name. You’ll need to change your domain name settings, but don’t be scared, MailClark will guide you through the process with a clear voice and steady hand. Additionally, our Support Team is available to help should any problems arise.

Thanks to custom domains support, there are many things you can now do in Slack with MailClark:

  • Forward emails sent to to a channel,
  • Create an email group with your clients,
  • Handle applications sent to with all of your coworkers, and more.

MailClark is surprisingly flexible for a bot (must be all that yoga); he offers 3 different modes to match your needs.

Simple, Front or Group? Choose wisely…

The three modes have their own particularities, and therefore are intended for different uses.

Simple mode, the default, is best used as a simple team inbox in Slack, for sending, receiving and replying to emails.

Front mode is made for an address that receives a lot of emails. Similar to a ticketing system, it creates a sub-channel each time it receives an email from a new sender, simplifying organization and allowing you to keep track of many conversations which may take place over several days. We believe this mode is best used by teams which do a lot of communication, such as help desks, recruiters, sales teams or any group which would benefit from the ability to have all members of the team look at the incoming and outgoing messages.

Group mode automatically sends the messages in the channel to linked email addresses, making it a chatroom between Slack and email users. This is great for group discussions within a business or with external clients in real-time. Group mode closes the gap between email and Slack, so you can email your Slack team an emergency message when you can’t access Slack, or to have all of your Slack messages archived in your email account and vice versa.

Help MailClark help you

So what are you waiting for? If you already have MailClark, open up that Slack team and have a blast making a wacky email address (or something more business-oriented).

If you have not yet introduced MailClark to your Slack team, send him an invite:

Or you can go here to learn more about how he works.