Product news

IMAP is Now Powered by MailClark 2.0!

IMAP is now fully powered by MailClark. To limit as much as possible the use of third party solutions to manage our customers’ data, we’ve integrated IMAP management directly into MailClark.

Read the post — Apr 5, 2019

MailClark 2.0 A Smarter Messaging Assistant to Boost Your Team’s Productivity

MailClark 2.0 is coming. A smarter messaging assistant to boost your team’s productivity. New features for improved collaboration around external communications.

Read the post — Jan 22, 2019

More Than Just Replying, Send a New Email / Twitter Message from Microsoft Teams

MailClark for Microsoft Teams has just been improved, giving you more freedom on email management with a brand new feature. You can do more from your workspace.

Read the post — Dec 3, 2018

Congratulate the MailClark Bot Assistant on His New Looks

A lot of changes are happening in MailClark, with brand new designs and colors. If you want to find out about our journey on the new website version read here.

Read the post — Oct 26, 2018

MailClark for MS Teams just got better!

We are happy to introduce our latest version of MailClark. Clearer conversation display, new actions, better reply, discover how MailClark helps you manage your external conversations within Teams.

Read the post — Oct 18, 2018

Respond to emails, Twitter and Facebook messages in Microsoft Teams

We’ve released a major new version of MailClark for Teams packed with new features—e.g. connect Office 365 or IMAP email accounts, easy setup in the MailClark tab.

Read the post — Jul 19, 2018

Combine Slack with Email Groups/Google Groups

By connecting Slack with an email group (i.e. Google Groups) it will be easier for your teammates to collaborate, no matter if they prefer Slack or a good old email group.

Read the post — Apr 26, 2018

MailClark IMAP Integration

Just like you, we avoid long and complicated setup processes. That’s why it only takes an email address and a password to connect an email account to Slack via MailClark. That’s it.

Read the post — Feb 12, 2018

MailClark Gmail Integration

We make it easy to sync your Gmail account with two-way syncing, a feature that will improve email communication inside Slack.

Read the post — Feb 2, 2018

Simpler payment option for European customers

Direct debit is now available for MailClark customers in Europe!

Read the post — Dec 22, 2017

What’s New in MailClark: Changelog and a User-Friendlier Help Center

Get your MailClark questions answered and more workflows to optimize your email integration with Slack.

Read the post — Nov 20, 2017

MailClark is now available for Microsoft Teams

Today we’re launching MailClark for Microsoft Teams, the new chat-based workspace in Office 365. Our engineers have worked closely with Microsoft to launch a fully integrated bot and we’re proud to be among the first apps available in Teams.

Read the post — May 11, 2017

Connect Facebook to Slack

Have you ever tried to contact a company through its Facebook page and never received an answer? Or as a company, do you often keep customers waiting just because you read their messages too late? With Facebook for Slack by MailClark, this will no longer happen!

Read the post — Apr 13, 2017

MailClark better than ever thanks to Slack Message Menus

Slack just announced the release of a new feature which will facilitate the entire users’ workflow: Message Menus. We’ve got the chance to discover this feature before its official release so that our engineers spent the last weeks working to build an integration for Message Menus and… Tadaaa! Here is the new version of MailClark!

Read the post — Apr 11, 2017

Twitter for Slack by MailClark

We are thrilled to launch our latest feature: Twitter for Slack. You can now go further with MailClark and reply to mentions & DMs without leaving Slack.

Read the post — Jan 18, 2017

MailClark is out of beta

Today, Thursday October 27th, is the big day! MailClark out of beta means two things: the launch of our pricing, and the release of long-awaited new features. 

Read the post — Oct 27, 2016

Slack’s Top App MailClark reaches 1000 daily active teams

October is off to a great start for MailClark! Good news #1—Our email bot got featured in Slack App Directory. Good news #2—MailClark is now used daily by over 1000 Slack teams.

Read the post — Oct 9, 2016

MailClark for Slack, now better than ever

We’ve heard your requests for simplicity and are happy to announce some major updates to MailClark. You no longer have to choose between modes, all channels by default will be in an updated version of the former Front Mode, which we believe captures the best of all three old modes.

Read the post — Jul 29, 2016

Custom email addresses now available

You’re hard at work, typing furiously, coffee dripping down your chin, so busy you have to schedule your blinks; the last thing you want to do is switch between the convenience of Slack and the bulkiness of email as you communicate with team members and clients. Luckily, you’re well-connected into the tech world—seeking out every app, bot and integration that can improve your efficiency—and have installed MailClark.

Read the post — Jun 13, 2016