Centralize external communications

Pay in $ USD or € EUR
For small teams and individuals that manage a small amount of external messages and want to enjoy all of MailClark.
unlimited connectors
100 messages/m
Pay per connector
For teams wanting to connect a few email and social media accounts to Slack or Teams, with no limit on messages.
Up to 79 connectors
unlimited messages
For startups and businesses that relies on Slack or Teams and want to fully integrate external communications.
unlimited connectors
unlimited messages
from $6959/m
For companies that run on multiple workspaces and/or have special needs.
unlimited connectors
unlimited messages
Unlimited users
Unlimited contacts
Multiple workspaces
Connect to:
Custom domain
Automatic sending
Priority support
24/7 support
Account manager
Tailored settings
Pay per 

What is a connector?

A connector is an external communications account connected to a Slack channel via MailClark.
It can be an email account, a Gmail/GSuite account, a Twitter account, a Facebook page, a Google Group, an email group or a new email address provided by MailClark.

More details about connectors

What happens when I reach the limit of the Free plan?

Each month, after 100 emails & messages have been sent/received, only a notification (e.g. New email) is posted in Slack. Upgrading to a paid account allows you to view the messages’ contents and resumes normal posting. Check out our pricing page for more details.

I’ve just added a new connector, how will that be billed?

If you’re on the Unlimited Plan, no worries, you pay a fixed $29/m for as many connectors as your team needs.

If you pay per connector, we wait a few hours—in case the connector was added by mistake—before adding $3/m to your subscription.

How’s MailClark different from Slack’s official Email and Twitter integrations?

Slack’s official integrations only allows you to receive emails & tweets. MailClark is a both-ways integration, so you can send and reply to emails & tweets directly in Slack.

Besides, MailClark allows you to connect Gmail / G Suite accounts, Facebook pages, Google Groups and to create email groups.

Do you offer discount to non profit organizations?

Yes. If your organization has been approved for the Slack for Nonprofits program, we’d be happy to offer your team the Unlimited Plan (worth $39/m) free of charge.

In return, we kindly ask you to add a link to mailclark.ai on your website.

Note: We do not offer refunds for subscription fees paid prior to being approved.