Centralize external communications

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Canned responses
Automated rules
For individuals or small teams that only need to connect a few email and social media accounts to Slack or Teams.
1 user
3 connected accounts
2 email guests
Self-service, email support
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per activer user, per month
For startups and businesses wanting to manage shared inboxes in Slack or Teams and collaborate on emails and social media.
Unlimited active users
Unlimited connected accounts
Easy forwarding
Unlimited email guests
Live chat support
For companies with special needs or many active users, and ready to automate external communications management.
Unlimited active users
Unlimited connected accounts
Easy forwarding
Unlimited email guests
Priority support
Canned responses coming in 2019
Automated rules coming in 2019
All paid plans charge a minimum of 2 users.

What is an active user?

Our new pricing is based on how many users are really using MailClark.

Users become active when:

- They send/reply a message from Slack or Teams

- They are assigned to a message

- They assign a colleague to a message

- They mark as done/as spam/deletes a message

- They change a status of a message.

If you’re only using the Easy forwarding use case, you only pay for the minimum 2 active users.

How do assignments work?

When connecting a shared inbox in Slack or Teams, each Email, Facebook or Twitter conversation has an Assignee (i.e a person in charge of the conversation).

New conversations arrive unassigned: as long as they remain unassigned, reminders to reply or take action are posted in the channel. Once they have been assigned, reminders are posted in a private DM/chat to the assignee.

You can define a Default Assignee from the Settings page.

What is a connected account?

A connected account (also called Connector or Adapter) is an external communications account connected to a channel via MailClark.
It can be an email account, a Gmail/GSuite account, a Twitter account, a Facebook page or a new email address provided by MailClark.

For Slack only, it can also be a Google Group or an email group 

More details about connected accounts

Shared/individual inboxes, Easy forwarding, Email guest: what's the difference?

MailClark 2.0 comes with different use cases:

- Shared inbox: To collectively manage and reply to emails and messages from your Slack/Teams channel.

- Individual inbox: For those who want to connect their own email account into a (private) channel.

- Easy forwarding: Forward emails to your channels, subscribe channels to alerts or newsletters.

- [For Slack only] Email guest (formerly known as Email Groups): to invite non-Slack users to a channel or to archive your Slack messages in your email account.