MailClark Microsoft Teams - Live Chat integrations

Manage Your Live Chat Messages From Your Microsoft Teams Workspace

If you wish to link your website as the contact platform for prospects or customers besides a Facebook Page, you can integrate a Facebook Messenger plug-in to do so and follow up on external communication management in real time directly into Microsoft Teams.

Collectively Review Live Chat Messages in Microsoft Teams

Handle Together Your Live Chat Directly From Microsoft Teams

How much more practical would it be to get your Facebook Messenger directly integrated to your website? Very.
What is even better is that it is also possible to link your live chat messages to your MS Teams workspace to follow up on conversations.

Centralize your live chat messages in Microsoft Teams

Improve Your Internal Management by Optimizing Communications

Having your external messages directed to you through your workspace allows you and your team to be fully aware of the live chat activity and get better organized on a regular basis.
You will not miss a visitor to your website anymore and will chat with them easily directly into MS Teams.

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Follow up on live chat messages in Microsoft Teams with AI

In Which Cases Can MailClark Be Used For Me?

Customer Support

Centralize your customers messages in a MS Teams channel and improve your team collaboration on customers requests. Break silos between teams involved in the customer care process and respond faster to increase customer satisfaction.

Marketing & Sales

Centralize and optimize your Marketing and Sales actions within Microsoft Teams to align your teams around leads management. Easily handle your customer journey from the incoming lead to its customer transformation, to end with customer care.

Project Management

Centralize & manage all your projects in your Microsoft Teams Workspace, and collaborate with all people involved: colleagues, partners, providers, customers or any external person to your company.


Centralize candidates' emails for a new position in your MS Teams workspace and make the decision process collaborative including other teams in your recruitment process if necessary.

Keep Track of Your Conversations, Manage Them Effectively as a Team And Boost Your Performance

Reactive Interaction

Reactive Interaction

Be faster and better in your customers, suppliers, colleagues replies as well as in engaging conversation with your team. Get "Too Fast Too Furious" in your workspace.

Collective Management

Collective Management

Collectively manage your external messages from customers or any external contacts, directly in your collaborative tool (Slack or Microsoft Teams).

Multi-channel Inbox

Multi-channel Inbox

Does your team need to manage messages from Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, Outlook, etc.? Add as many accounts as you wish! Is it not beautiful when you can get what you want smoothly?



Never miss any external messages, email, Facebook or Twitter messages. MailClark reminds you to take care of each of your customers or external contacts. Pretty cool if you’re a bit like Dory from “Finding Nemo”.



Give the right message to the right person in your team. Get your teammates involved in external communications!

Continuous workflow

Continuous Workflow

Ensure continuity in conversations with your customers or external contacts at all times. Stay tuned!