MailClark for Microsoft Teams

Send & receive emails, Twitter and Facebook messages without leaving Microsoft Teams

MailClark for Microsoft Teams: Email, Twitter, Facebook MailClark for Microsoft Teams: Email, Twitter, Facebook

Integrate Teams with Email, Twitter & Facebook in a few clicks

You just need to mention MailClark to your preferred channel to set up an inbox in Teams. Replying to an email or message is as easy as talking to your teammates—and everybody in the channel will automatically see the message and your reply. Collaborating on external communications is completely seamless thanks to the bot MailClark.

Customer service, team inboxes & more

MailClark is a fully-featured bot—there’s so much he can do for your team: host the help desk of your Customer Support team, create a team inbox for your Sales or Marketing team, receive alerts or newsletters, review & answer job applications as a team, …

Can I use MailClark for Teams for free?

Yes, it’s entirely free while in beta. Once the final version is released, several plans will be introduced. We’ll give you more details well before the beta ends.

What happens to my team’s data?

We don’t keep your team’s messages and files and don’t read through your emails, tweets & Facebook messages. For more details, read our privacy policy.

I’d like to know more about your bot, can I talk to a human?

Of course ;) Contact our team at email or send us a Direct Message on Twitter.