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MailClark vs Front

4 main reasons why MailClark is a super effective Frontapp alternative


No additional tool Stay within Slack or MS Teams

No need to adopt a new tool. No need to go through the onboarding process all over again. Unlike Front, we integrate ourselves where you work, not the other way around.

Your team stay in the working environment they know with Slack or Microsoft Teams familiar interface. Easier to handle and instinctive to use.


No User Limitation or Inbox Type Restriction

Get your whole organization working together with every account you need.

You can connect as many different accounts as you want -Gmail, Outlook, Facebook Page, Twitter, etc.- and get unlimited users. We won’t make you pay a $100 more because you need more inboxes to work, like Front does...


Enjoy native features of your workspace as well as MailClark’s

MailClark is designed to break silos between the teams and teammates. Whatever the Plan you choose, you’ll always have access to all MailClark features alongside Slack or MS Teams’ native features.

This way, you easily manage together external messages within your team workspace, Slack or Microsoft Teams.


No Financial Overload and Unreasonable Costs

Some of your teammates might be more active certain times than others, then why should the billing not adapt? We know what it’s like when app subscriptions are fixed and make you pay more than you need to. We chose a better approach.

You will pay only for active users? A fair price for your use! See below.

How much money you can save by using MailClark instead of Front

- 3 users: 3 active users
- 3 Inboxes: 1 Twitter, 1 Gmail, 1 Outlook
Typical team profiles
Cost savings with MailClark

- 10 users: 5 active users + 5 light users
- 5 Inboxes: 3 Gmail, 1 Twitter, 1 Facebook
Cost savings with MailClark

- 50 users: 25 active users + 25 light users
- 25 Inboxes: 20 Gmail, 2 Twitter, 3 Facebook
Cost savings with MailClark
$12 180/y
*Premium Plan :5$/active user
**Starter Plan :9$/user + Add on Twitter $20 per channel/month
***Plus Plan :19$/user + Add on Twitter $20 per channel/month + Facebook only available on Plus Plan
****Plus Pro :39$/user + Add on Twitter $20 per channel/month
Premium Plan :5$/active user
Premium Plan :5$/active user

MailClark and Front Features Comparison

Collaborative Features
Mention / Assign
Automatic rules
Private Inbox
Canned Responses
Coming in Summer with AI
Share Message Drafts
Enabled by Slack Posts
Reply Score Messages
Inboxes Type Limit
Facebook Page messages
Only with Plus & Pro Plans
Twitter mentions & Direct Messages
Add on $20/mo
Gmail & Google Groups
Office 365 and Outlook
SMS text messaging
Full Native Integration
Only with Plus & Pro Plans
Microsoft Teams
Full Native Integration
Onboarding Support
Only with Plus & Pro Plans
Help center guides
Email and in-app chat support