Receive alerts, mentions or newsletters in Slack

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If you receive a lot of emails (or tweets) that you don’t reply to, or even don’t read, you can set up a Slack channel to receive these messages and easily monitor them. By creating a specific channel for each sender, you can sort through what you receive and not lose the important emails in the crowd.

Set up MailClark in your preferred channel

First things first, add MailClark to your Slack team if you haven’t done it already.

From the channel click on the settings gear on the top of your Slack window, select ‘Invite team members to join...’, then choose MailClark from your list of team members.

Or you can use Slack’s invite command—type /invite @mailclark #channel-name

Once invited, MailClark automatically creates an email for your channel in the format Use this address with the apps that send you alerts, or to subscribe to newsletters.

Invite MailClark to a Slack channel

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