Set up an inbox in Slack in 5 steps

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Add MailClark to your Slack team



Create an inbox in your preferred channel

MailClark sends you a welcome Direct Message. Use the menu to choose the channel where to create an inbox.

Alternatively, you can directly invite MailClark to the channel.

Create an inbox in Slack

Send a test email to Slack

In the channel, press the ‘Email’ button—MailClark automatically creates an email for your channel in the format (you can change it later on).

Test this address by sending an email there from your usual email account (e.g. Gmail). It will appear in your Slack channel.

Send a test email to Slack

Hit ‘Reply’

Back in Slack, press the ‘Reply’ button attached to your test email. MailClark will set up a Slack thread for you.

MailClark reply button

Compose & send your reply

In the thread, type a reply to yourself and press Enter. MailClark will automatically come up with a preview of your reply.

Press ‘Send email’—your reply will appear in your email account.

Send an email from Slack


You’re now sending and receiving emails in Slack!

  • To change the channel’s settings (e.g. use your own email address), type @mailclark settings and click on the ‘edit settings’ link.
  • Check out MailClark’s Help Center to learn how to make the most of our email bot (use cases, pro tips & more).