I'm receiving emails, but not those belonging to Teams

Updated 9 months ago by Floriane

By connecting a Gmail account to Microsoft Teams, you can choose which emails belong to Microsoft Teams, using different kind of filters.

You might be receiving emails that you thought you had filtered or maybe some emails are missing when they were supposed to be posted in Teams.

If you're not receiving emails at all, check out this article first

To understand why you're not receiving the right emails in Teams, let's have a look at your filter option:

  1. Go to the settings and click on your Gmail address to access the options
  2. Select the type of filter you'd like to use:
    - Receive all emails in Slack
    - Choose which emails to receive (based on aliases, Gmail categories…)
    - Use Gmail filters (for a fully customized filter)
  3. Make sure to click “Save settings”.

If you notice in the following hours/days that the issue isn't solved, please contact our team so we can look further.

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