How to connect an Outlook/Hotmail/Live email address to Slack?

Updated 3 months ago by Floriane

Thanks to the Microsoft authentification page, connecting an Outlook/Hotmail/Live account has never been so easy! 

  1. Add MailClark to Slack if you haven't done it yet.  


    If you're already a MailClark user: 
    - Type help in a DM with MailClark and click "Connect services" 
    - Or go to and click the  sign in button on the top-right corner. 
  2. You’ll be asked to select the  type of account you’d like to connect. Click the Email icon
  3. Type your email address. 
  4. Type your passwork to connect to your account and accept the app permissions.

You're done, you can now try to send a new email to see how it works!

Remember, if you need help during the process, you can contact our team via a Slack DM to MailClark or at 

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