MailClark Fair Billing Policy

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MailClark comes with a per-active-user pricing. Because no one who can predict who is going to actually use MailClark along the way?

That's why we've opted for a Fair Billing Policy, to make sure you'll only pay for users that are actively using MailClark.

- There is a one-month free trial that lets us count how many users are actively using MailClark. On the day your trial ends, once you chose to subscribe to the Premium Plan, you will be charged for the users that are currently active.
- Any changes to the number of active users (either up or down) will be reflected in your monthly statement.
- There is a minimum charge for 2 users, unless you decide to downgrade to the Free plan.

First active users count

When you first add MailClark to your Slack, the first month is free of charge. Then:

If you go back to a free plan:

Only one user will be authorized to use MailClark.

If you subscribe to a paid plan:

You will only pay for users that are actively using MailClark. To know how many active users you have, we’ll use the first month free of charge to count the Slack users using MailClark.

What happens when users become active?

You'll be charged for each new active user, on a pro-rata basis.

We'll calculate the prorated cost for the rest of the month (for monthly plans) or year (for yearly plans), and bill you for the new addition.

What happens when users become inactive?

We consider a user as inactive after a month of inactivity.

When that happens, we deposit prorated credits to your MailClark account that will be used for the next invoice. These credits are non-refundable.

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