I understand MailClark but I don't know how to start

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MailClark might be the perfect tool to resolve a specific need you or you company have? Let's try it out then to confirm that is is what you're looking for!

  1. First, let's add MailClark to your Microsoft Teams
    Some of you have reported that they couldn't find MailClark in the Microsoft Store. If you're experiencing the same thing, here how to proceed.
  2. Then, connect the service your need:
    1. Connect Email
      - To connect an existing email address (except a Gmail or O365 one, they have their own path, see below).
      - Or to create a new email address (great to receive notifications, alerts and newsletters for example)
    2. Connect Office 365 Mail
      To easily connect an O365 Mail account, and enjoy the filter options that come with it.
    3. Connect Gmail,GSuite
      To quickly connect a Gmail account and enjoy the filter options that come with it.
    4. Connect a Facebook page
      - To receive and reply the messages sent to your Facebook Page.
      - You can also connect a live-chat provided you're using the Messenger plugin.
    5. Connect a Twitter account
      To receive and reply the Twitter DMs and/or the tweets you're mentioned in
  3. You're ready to improve your messages management with MailClark!

To make the best of MailClark, have a look to some best practices/tips you can use.

We hope this article helped you. If it doesn't, or if you still have questions, contact our team!

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