How to connect an Office 365 Mail (or Exchange) account

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  1. Go to if you already are a MailClark user.
    Or Add MailClark to Slack  or to Microsoft Teams if you haven't done it yet

  1. Choose your use case
    You'd be asked to choose between differents use cases:
    1. Click "Shared Inbox" to connect an collective inbox.
      This setup comes with the option to assign a message to your colleagues.
    2. Click "Individual Inbox" if you need to connect your personal account. (We suggest you to connect it to a private channel to make sure your messages remain private.)
  2. Enter your email address and follow the instructions.
For Teams users:
You might need to add MailClark to a team first.
  1. You're done! Go back to Slack/Teams and start receiving-replying-sending emails from there!

💡 Check the different configuration options available from your Settings Page.

Remember, if you need help during the process, you can contact our team:

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