Is MailClark GDPR compliant?

Updated 2 years ago by Antoine Lefeuvre

Yes, MailClark users have the following rights regarding their data. Please contact Alban Derrien, our Data Protection Officer (dpo at mailclark dot ai), for any question or request.

Right to be informed

We are committed to notifying our users of any attack, breach of confidentiality, leak or data theft.

Right of access

We are transparent about our use and collection of data, please read our privacy policy for the details.

Feel free to contact our DPO to access any of your data.

Right to rectification

Sign in to to rectify your information (User, Workspace and Billing sections).

Alternatively, you can send a rectification request to our DPO.

Right to erasure

We delete your data within 14 days after you uninstall MailClark from Slack or MS Teams. We only keep invoices as required by law.

You can also send a deletion request to our DPO, any time.

Right to portability

We will provide you with an export of your data upon request to our DPO.

Right to object

All our communications (e.g. newsletter, product announcement) come with a link to unsubscribe.

We offer data processing agreements for our customers that operate in the EU.

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