Shared/individual inboxes, Easy forwarding, Email guests—which use case choose?

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MailClark caters for different use cases:

- Shared inbox: To collectively manage and reply to emails, Facebook and Twitter messages directly from a Slack/Teams channel. Typically used by support, or sales, teams to manage tickets, or leads, sent to a public address (e.g. or a Facebook page. Read more on managing conversations or watch this video for more details.

- Individual inbox: For those who want to connect their own email or Twitter account into a (private) channel.

- Easy forwarding: No need to reply nor to manage email and social conversations? Just receive emails, Facebook or Twitter messages in a channel. Watch this video for more information.

- [For Slack only] Email guests: To invite non-Slack users to a channel. Find out how everyone in the channel—whether Slack member or email guest—can participate in the same conversation. Or, watch this demo.

Compare use cases

This table can help you decide what's the best use case for you or your team, based on features:

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