How to move to MailClark 2.0?

Updated 3 weeks ago by Floriane

If you haven't installed MailClark yet:
- Add MailClark to your Slack 
- or to your Microsoft Teams.
You'll be using MailClark 2.0 automatically 🤩

For MailClark users, MailClark 2.0's launch is a 2-steps process:

  1. The Switch Early period: decide when it is the best time for you to switch to MailClark 2.0. When you are ready, simply go to, click the "Switch to MailClark 2.0" button and follow the instructions.

  1. The General Availability (once we have decided the exact day, we'll inform you on the release calendar): at this date, all MailClark accounts will be automaticaly switched to MailClark 2.0, following these rules:
  • By default, your connected accounts will be converted as "Shared inbox"
  • For "" email addresses, if no replies seem to be sent from Slack/Teams, we'll save them on the "easy forwarding" mode.

You'll have a chance to change these automatic setup from your settings page.

Not sure to understand what's different with MailClark 2.0? Check "What should I expect from the new MailClark?"

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