More details about Connected Accounts (also called adapters)

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When using MailClark, you'll often see the expression "Connected Account" or "Adapter" and you might wondering: 
What does it mean exactly? 

In the MailClark World, an adapter is an external communications account connected to a Microsoft Teams channel. It can be:
- an email account (or a new email address provided by MailClark.)
- a Gmail/Gsuite account (Coming soon) 
- a Facebook page
- a Twitter account

Let's have an example:  

In Microsoft Teams , you've connected:

1. your personal email address ( to your channel in your personal team
2. your support team inbox ( to the channel "Support" in a shared team
3. the Twitter account of your company 
4. your company's Facebook page 
5. the Facebook page of the non-profit organization you volunteer for
6. your personal Twitter account (#jane-twitter) 

=> You have added 6 adapters to your channels. 

Type settings in a DM with MailClark to access the list of all the connectors already added to your Microsoft Teams.

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