How to keep track of email & social conversations in Slack?

Updated 2 years ago by Antoine Lefeuvre

If you've connected several email and/or social accounts to several channels in Slack, you might find it difficult to keep track all the different conversations. MailClark's home is the place to go.

To open our app home, click on "MailClark" under "Apps" in Slack's left-hand side menu (Cannot find it? Just click here). Make sure you're on the "Home" tab, as you might be taken to the "Messages" tab instead.

Hit the ⭐ next to "MailClark" for a quicker access.

One place for all external conversations

MailClark's home brings in one place all the email and social conversations connected to your Slack workspace. To open a conversation, just click its subject line. For quick actions (e.g. Mark as done), use the ••• menu.

Customize your home

You can tailor MailClark's home to your needs by filtering conversations by channel, status and/or assignee. Simply press the "Change conversation filters" button and then choose your filters. For example:

  • Want to make sure no lead or inquiry is left unassigned? Select "Unassigned" in status.
  • Only interested in keeping track of conversations you're assigned to? Select yourself in assignee.

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