How do I connect my Gmail account?

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MailClark gives you two-way sync between your email account and Slack or Teams: Send/ receive emails directly from a channel, all emails will be saved saved to your email account as well.

Thanks to the Google authentification page, connecting a Gmail account has never been so easy! 

  1. Go to
    Or Add MailClark to Slack  or to Microsoft Teams if you haven't done it yet
  1. "Shared" or "Individal" Inbox: Choose a use case
    1. To connect an collective inbox, click "Shared Inbox".
      This setup comes with the option to assign a message to your colleagues.
    2. Click "Individual Inbox" if you need to connect your personal account. (We suggest you to connect it to a private channel to make sure your messages remain private.)
  2. Enter your email address and follow the instructions.
For Teams users:
You might need to add MailClark to a team first.
  1. You're all set up!

    💡 MailClark has pretty  advanced filters options for Gmail accounts. Have a look at them to find the perfect configuration!

You're ready to manage your emails from Teams or Slack. If you still have questions, contact our team!

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