I'm not sure what MailClark is and what it can do for me

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Still trying to understand the meaning of MailClark and the way to make the best of it? This article was made for you!

  1. First, here are a few reasons for you to use MailClark
  2. Still not sure if MailClark actually is what you're looking for? Here are exactly the different uses you can make of it.
    1. Connect an existing email address: It can be a Gmail account, an Office 365 Mail, or any other email address connected using IMAP.
      Once you've connected it, you can send and receive your emails directly from Teams adding collaboration to your emails management.
    2. Link a mailclark.ai email address to a channel to receive emails there (i.e newsletters, alerts, notifications)
    3. Connect a Facebook page or a Twitter account to collectively manage the messages you receive on social media.
    4. Connect a live-chat to a Microsoft Teams channel (provided you're using the Messenger plugin).
    5. Connect an account (Email, Twitter…) in a private team to keep your messages private.
  3. Is it clearer now? If you're ready to get started, check this out.
  4. To make the best of MailClark, have a look to some best practices/tips you can use.

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