MailClark commands

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The main commands

They can be posted in a DM to MailClark or in a channel where you've connected an account:

In a DM:

Get all MailClark settings inc. billing & account

More info

In a DM:
settings #channel

In a channel:
@mailclark settings

Get a given channel’s settings

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In a channel:

Send a new email or tweet, Connect a new account, Access the settings or Get help.

More info (email)

More info (Tweet)

In a DM:

In a channel:
@mailclark help

Show the help menu

Commands in a Direct Message to MailClark are only visible to you, whereas commands in channels are visible to your teammates.

More commands (in channels)

@mailclark archive

Archive inactive subchannels

more info

@mailclark pause

Pause automatic sending

more info

@mailclark start

Start automatic sending

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