How to get started with MailClark for Slack

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  1. Add MailClark to Slack if you haven't done it yetor go directly to, if you already are a MailClark user.
  2. Choose your use case
    You'd be asked to choose between 4 differents use cases:
    1. Click "Shared Inbox" if you want to connect an existing account (Email, Twitter,Facebook) that you want to manage collectively.
      This setup comes with the option to assign a message to your colleagues.
    2. Click "Individual Inbox" if you need to connect your own account.
      We suggest you to connect it to a private channel to make sure your messages remain private.
    3. Easy Forwarding is great if you only want to forward emails (alerts, notifications, newletters…) to Slack. We'll provide you a dedicated email address.
    4. With the Email Guest setup, invite those who don't use Slack to your conversations. You stay in Slack, every messages posted in the channel is sent out to your colleague using emails. When they reply, the answer is posted back in the channe. Everyone keep using the tool they prefer!
      This setup is also used to forward Slack messages to an email account.
Any question? Contact our team, we'll be happy to help you! 

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