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MailClark pricing in based on the users actively using MailClark:

I don't understand the meaning of an active user

Check out all the actions that define an active user

I'd like to try MailClark for free before subscribing to a paid plan

We offer One-month Free of charge to all our new users, to let you play with MailClark. No credit card required.

How many accounts can I connect with MailClark:

On the Free plan: up to 3.

On a Premium plan: as many as needed. 1, 5 or 50 accounts, you'll pay the same. The only thing that matters is how many users are using them.

During the First month free of charge, you can add as many accounts as needed! Use this trial to compare the different configurations and decide which ones fit the best with your needs.
If you are struggling to find out the best use-case, contact our team, we'll be happy to help you out!

What happens when a user becomes active or inactive?​

According to our Fair Billing Policy, we adapt your subscription when a user becomes active/inactive so you are paying only for the real activity on your account.

What payment options do I have?

Credit Card or SEPA Direct debit? Make your choice!

How do I view my invoices or manage my subscription?

Follow the instructions here

Can I use MailClark for free?

Yes of course! You can use MailClark for free, with some limitations tho.

More questions? Contact our team, we'll be happy to answer you!

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