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MailClark pricing in based on number of accounts connected to your Microsoft Teams:

- I don't understand the meaning of a connected account/adapter (also called connector)

- How can I know how many accounts are connected to my Teams?


Can I use MailClark for free?

You can use MailClark for free, with some limitations tho.

What happens when I reach the limit of the Free plan?

It blows up 😱 Just kidding! Check the right answer here

If I want to let my teammates use MailClark as well, how will I be billed?

Our current pricing is only based on adapters, no matter how many users interact with MailClark.

More specifically:

- If you've connected a shared inbox in a channel where several of your teammates can read and reply the emails, you'll only be billed for 1 adapter.

- But if some of them want to connect their own email account for example, you'll be billed for each additional account.

I’ve just added a new adapter, how will that be billed?

We explain everything here

What payment options do I have?

Credit Card or SEPA Direct debit? Make your choice!

How do I view my invoices or manage my subscription?

Follow the instructions here

More questions? Contact our team, we'll be happy to answer you!

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