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How do you secure the messages sent via MailClark?

Our engineers take all necessary organizational and technical measures to maintain the security of your personal data, in particular to prevent any unauthorized third-party from accessing it.

We have conducted a paid security assessment by a top security firm that included:

  • A review of our procedures and security measures
  • A review of our hosting infrastructure and network
  • A penetration test of our application to detect vulnerabilities
Remember that all emails—not just emails sent via MailClark—are  like mailing a postcard. MailClark doesn’t offer PGP encryption at the moment.

Can your bot and team read through my emails and documents?

To be able to send your messages and attachments to your recipients, our bot needs access to them. However, we don’t keep your team’s files, and our team definitely doesn’t read through your emails and documents—we couldn’t care less about what you say on MS Teams ;) Read our privacy policy for more details.

How to protect access to email pages?

The URLs of the email pages aren’t discoverable: the long string at the end of URLs is a token generated from different data of the email and not saved in database. Nevertheless for organizations worried that these URLs could brute-forced MailClark offers a mandatory sign-in option.

Contact our Support Team for more information.

What happens to my emails and messages if I remove MailClark?

As MailClark is an integration to your Microsoft Teams account, if you remove it, your MS Teams data will not change, and you will retain all of your emails and messages.

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