What is the Reply Score technology?

Updated 3 years ago by Antoine Lefeuvre

The Reply Score is a machine learning technology which allow Mailclark to identify the emails that require a reply (e.g. inquiry from a client) from the ones that only need to be read (e.g. newsletters, notifications…).

Important: Don't worry! The Reply Score doesn't read your email contents to classify emails.

Based on this technology, MailClark adapts the format and actions of new emails:

  • Emails that require a reply will come with 2 buttons: "Assign to me" and "Assign to a teammate".
  • Emails that don't require a reply will come with 2 buttons: "Mark as done" and "Delete".
In case MailClark makes a mistake, no action is disabled, you'll find them in the Conversation menu.
Don't hesitate to contact us if a mistake happens: it will help us improve our technology.

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