How do I connect my Facebook page ?

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MailClark allows you to receive and reply in Slack or Teams the Direct Messages sent to your Facebook page.
(Note: personal Facebook accounts cannot be connected to Slack via MailClark.)

It only takes a few steps to connect a Facebook page to Slack:

  1. Go to and click "Connect a new account".
    If you haven't done it yet, you'll first have to Add MailClark to Slack  or to Microsoft Teams.
  2. "Shared" or "Individal" Inbox: Choose a use case
    1. To connect a page that will be managed collectively, click "Shared Inbox" so you'll have access to the assignment option.
    2. If you plan to manage the page alone, you can choose "Individual Inbox"
  3. If you are an admin for several Facebook Pages, MailClark will ask you to choose the one you'd like to connect. Then, follow the instructions.
If the page you're trying to connect isn't part of the list, check the article "I have trouble connecting a Facebook Page"
  1. You're done! Send a message to your Facebook page to see how it works.
Since Facebook doesn't allow pages to proactively contact Facebook users, MailClark can't either. You'll have to receive a message from a user in order to reply.
Please note that at the moment, MailClack doesn't allow you to manage:
- Posts and Comments
- Reviews
- Messages sent to a personnal profile

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