What payment options do I have?

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PayPal is not listed here as we only offer this payment method as part of our Entreprise plan.

Pay by credit card: 

 It’s the most common payment method. Dollars or euros, just enter your credit card information and you’re done 

Pay by SEPA direct debit: (for European customers only)

This method requires filling in your IBAN. 

  1. Go to https://mailclark.ai/settings and click " Upgrade to a Premium Plan" or (or type « settings » in a DM with MailClark)
  2. You’ll be redirected to our Pricing Page, where you can choose the plan that fits the best your needs. Before choosing it, be sure to select « Euro ».  

You also have the possibility to pay monthly or yearly. The "Pay yearly" option offers you a discount 🤑

  1. You’ll be asked to choose your payment method, select  « Direct Debit » and then click the « Set up Direct Debit » button.

  1. Complete the payment form with your information, including the IBAN number. Then click the « Set up Direct Debit » button.

  1. You’ll have a chance to check the information before the last confirmation.

The payment will come from GoCardLess, the secure service we’re using for direct debit payment transactions.

Seems good? Confirm one last time and that’s it. You’re all set up!

We use Chargebee to manage your subscriptions.
For more information about their security policy =>  https://www.chargebee.com/secu...

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