How to keep my emails and messages private in Slack

Updated 5 months ago by Floriane

If you want to use MailClark to receive your personal emails and/or tweets in Slack and keep them private, just connect the account in a private Slack channel.


- Can I set up MailClark in a Direct Message instead of a Slack channel?

MailClark only works in channels but you can always set up a private channel with only you & him—it will be just like a Direct Message.

- Will my whole team see my emails?

If you connect your email account in a *private channel* where you're the only member, your team won’t see the emails and your communications will remain private.

- Will the MailClark team read my emails?

To be able to send your messages and attachments to your recipients, our bot needs access to them. However, we don’t keep your Slack team’s files, and our team definitely doesn’t read through your emails and documents—we couldn’t care less about what you say on Slack ;) Read our privacy policy for more details.

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