I'm not sure my emails are posted in Teams

Updated 2 years ago by Floriane

Since MailClark is the bot to connect your emails into Microsoft Teams, you should be able to receive and find your emails in the channell where you've connected them. It doesn't seem to work this way? Follow this guide to fix this:

  1. First, make sure your email account is correctly linked to Microsoft Teams. From the Settings interface you can see all the Adapters connected with MailClark. Look for your email address in it.
    • The email account isn't in the list? That means you need to connect it first.
    • You've found the email address in the list?
      The settings page also tells you in which team/channel the account is connected. Go back in Microsoft Teams and look at the right place.
      (In the following image: "Sales Team" is the team, "Sales request" is the channel)
    • Still no email? Let's continue the guessing game!
  2. Let's make sure your emails weren't posted by mistake in a wrong channel. To do so, use the Microsoft Teams Search bar (If needed, send a specific test email first.)
  3. Your email was definitely not posted in Microsoft Teams? Contact our Support Team, we'll figure this out together!

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