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MailClark pricing is based on the users actively using MailClark. We call it MailClark Fair Billing Policy.

  • If the MailClark Billing Policy is fair what are its benefits for me as a user?

Firstly, our prices are competitive. That is to say we charge only $5 per user (billed yearly) and $7 per user ( billed monthly).

Secondly, if you choose the yearly plan, you will save 28% on your plan

Thirdly, we only charge based on active users. It means that if any of your active users become inactive, you will receive credit in exchange. You do not need to declare the number of active users because we will monitor their activity and inactivity and adjust it accordingly.

  • I'd like to try MailClark for free before subscribing to a paid plan

We offer 14 days free of charge of Premium plan to all our new users to let them test MailClark. No credit card required. During those two weeks free of charge, you can add as many accounts as needed! Use this trial to compare the different configurations and decide which ones fit your needs the best.

  • How many accounts can I connect with MailClark?

With our Premium plan: as many as needed: 1, 5 or 50 accounts. Connected accounts are unlimited. You'll pay the same. The only thing that matters is how many users are actively using MailClark.

  • What happens when a user becomes active or inactive?​

According to our Fair Billing Policy, we adapt your subscription when a user becomes active/inactive so you are paying only for the real activity on your account.

  • I am worried I will go over my budget when using MailClark. Is there a way to limit the activity on my account?

Yes, you can limit the number of active users by setting up MailClark in a private channel (Slack) or private team (MS Teams) as explained here.

  • What payment options do I have?

Credit Card or SEPA Direct debit? Make your choice!

  • How do I view my invoices or manage my subscription?

You can do it all directly from your account. Just go to the and you will see the billing tab. In this section, you can manage your subscription, download the invoices etc. Follow the instructions here.

  • I don't understand the meaning of an active user.

Active user is the Slack user who, in the past 15 days, has used MailClark actively. Check out all the actions that define an active user.

  • Why did you change the pricing and made some free features payable?

We made the decision to change our pricing in order to increase our revenue and make our business sustainable. Indeed, some of the free features turned into paid features. However, we tried to make our new pricing in a fair policy manner. Our clients will only pay for real activity.  We will never charge clients for their inactive users and we will generate credit which will be deduced from the clients' next payments.

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