How do I connect a Twitter account ?

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MailClark allows you to receive/answer Twitter Direct Messages and Tweets you're mentioned in, directly from Slack or Teams. You can also send a new tweet from a channel.

It only takes a few steps to connect a Twitter account: 

  1. Go to and click "Connect a new account".
    If you haven't done it yet, you'll first have to Add MailClark to Slack  or to Microsoft Teams.
  2. "Shared" or "Individal" Inbox: Choose a use case
    1. To connect a page that will be managed collectively, click "Shared Inbox" so you'll have access to the assignment option.
    2. If you plan to manage the page alone, you can choose "Individual Inbox"
By default, the Twitter integration allows you to receive and answer Twitter Direct Messages and Tweets you're mentioned in, and to Send new tweets.
From your settings page, you can apply a filter to receive only the DM or only the mentions in the channel.

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