Gmail: I don't see my emails in Teams

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You were expecting to receive your emails in Teams but can't find them in a channel? Let's figure this out, step by step:

  1. The first step is to make sure you've connected your Gmail account to Microsoft Teams. You can check this from Adapter List in the Settings Page.

    • You can't find your Gmail account in the list? You first need to connect it
    • Your Gmail account is in the list?
      Above the email address is indicated the Team and the channel where you've linked the account (In the example below, the team is "Personal Team" and the channel "Gmail account"). Make sure you've been looking for your emails in this team/channel.
    • Account connected, emails checked in the right place? Don't give up, the checklist isn't over!
  2. The Gmail Adapter comes with filters options. Make sure the filters are set up the way you want.
  3. If MailClark seems to be correctly set up, let's search for one specific email, using the Microsoft Teams Search bar. By doing so, we'll make sure they are not posted in the wrong channel.
  4. None of the verifications above explain why you can't see your emails in Teams? Contact our Support Team, we'll figure this out together!

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