How do I set/edit the subject of an email?

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Shared/individual inboxes

  • If you reply to an existing conversation, before sending out your message, MailClark will let you edit the subject line (as well as the recipients). Click on "Edit To, Cc, Bcc, Subject " in the confirmation message.
  • If you start a new conversation, you'll be prompted for a subject line in step 1.

Email guests, sub-channels

  • If you've just invited a guest, start your message with Subject: Welcome! on its own line to set the initial subject. Otherwise, MailClark will automatically set the subject line with the channel and workspace names (e.g. "Proj Acme Website - Wow Agency").
  • If you type a reply in the channel's main compose box, MailClark will automatically set the subject line to "Re:" + the subject line of the last email received in the channel.
  • If you start a thread on a guest's email to reply, MailClark will use that particular email's subject line preceded by "Re:".
If you've paused auto send, editing the subject line is very easy. You'll find an "Edit" link next to the subject line in the confirmation message posted by MailClark.

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