Work in Slack with clients or colleagues who only use email

Updated 2 months ago by Esther Kim

Even though you understand the advantages of Slack, maybe your colleagues or clients can’t be bothered to change their ways. 

With MailClark, you can have a Slack channel with any combination of Slack and email users. Slack messages can be sent out as emails, and emails can be sent directly to a Slack channel. 

Let's get started:

  1. Add MailClark to Slack if you haven't done it yet.

    If you're already a MailClark user, add an account to a channel by typing in help  in a DM with MailClark and click "Connect services"
  2. Click the account type you want to connect:
    1.  "Email"
       - to match your own work email address or an existing external email address (e.g. or 
       - or to create a new inbox directly in Slack.
    2. "Gmail, G Suite" 
      To connect an existing Gmail or G Suite account, seamlessly link your Gmail account in just two clicks.
    3. "Email group"
       To create a new Email group in Slack : This use case is most common when not everyone on a team or an email list isn't working in Slack. By creating an email group in Slack, you can send your email announcements as usual, and the message will be sent in Slack and via email. 
    4. "Google Groups"
      To connect an existing Google Groups directly in a Slack channel.
  3. Then select the Slack channel you want to link to your email account. If you're linking your inbox, it probably makes sense to create a private Slack channel dedicated for your emails. 
  4. And you're done!

Pro Tip: Organize and collaborate on emails you want to share with teammates. Use the Slack share feature to share emails in a relevant Slack channel. Here's more on how to share a message in Slack:

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