Work in Slack with clients or colleagues who only use email

Even though you understand the advantages of Slack, maybe your colleagues or clients can be bothered to change their ways or simply can't give up email entirely. 

With MailClark, you can have a Slack channel with any combination of Slack and email users. Slack messages can be sent out as emails, and emails can be sent directly to a Slack channel. 

Here are some of the setup you can use to manage your communications from Slack:

Communicate with email users directly from Slack: 

- Create an email+Slack hybrid group

- Connect a Gmail, O365 Mail, or any other email account to a Slack channel

- Connect a shared inbox 

- Link every public channel to a dedicated email address

Let email users know what's going on in your Slack workspace

- Forward / archive your Slack messages to an email account

Organize your conversations within Slack

- Create a channel dedictated to a specific person (or group)

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